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Unipharma SA

Unipharma SA

Experience and proficiency in all types of pharmaceutical procurement.

Unipharma was established in 1947 to carry out activities associated with the direct importation, registration and distribution of international drug products in Switzerland and today is a world leader in the importation and distribution of drugs and medical products to and from every corner of the world. Unipharma’s mission has always been to offer every client-patient access to the latest international therapeutic treatments available. Unipharma is committed to provide healthcare professionals with those products that are not readily available in their own countries, yet have been thoroughly evaluated and approved in other countries, and always operates in compliance
with the regulatory guidelines of the respective national health authorities. As a result, Unipharma is in a position to supply orphan drugs for rare diseases, older drugs or medicines that are in shortage, registered drugs or drugs in process of registration and to provide procurement support to pharmaceutical companies in need of reference drug products necessary for clinical study evaluation. Unipharma acts exclusively in the interest of patient-centered health outcomes with the ultimate objective being the complete satisfaction of its international customer base. For example, in Italy Unipharma provides procurement services to over 700 healthcare facilities, hospitals, private clinics and laboratories, supplying drugs to these institutions that are not currently available on the Italian domestic market. Unipharma’s solid, dynamic and flexible infrastructure guarantees a high standard of quality that is also cost-effective. In addition, its consolidated scientific foundation combined with the technical expertise of its extremely specialized personnel enables the company to respond to every request in a quick, competent and customized manner. Moreover, an in-depth knowledge of the worldwide pharma landscape and existing regulatory environment allows Unipharma to perfectly adapt to continuous market developments and formulate the most effective commercial strategies.

Via Figino 6
6917 Barbengo
T.: +41 91 985 62 11
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