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Linnea SA

Linnea SA

Linnea improves the quality of life through the manufacture and worldwide distribution of herbal extracts.
Since 1982, the Swiss company has been proudly producing the finest quality natural, purified and synthetic
extracts. We are committed to providing exceptional ingredients for use in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and natural food industries.

Quality defines every step of our production process, from picking and processing to shipping and sales.
Carefully selected plantations supply excellent raw materials. Our GMP-certified facility, working 24 hours a
day and seven days a week, transforms the plants into finished products while strictly abiding by all regulations.
Our team of experienced professionals is also focused on researching cutting-edge solutions and new technologies to ensure that our extracts are continually improving. This is Linnea – a trusted,
responsible manufacturer of exceptional natural extracts, today just as decades ago.

Via Cantonale
6595 Riazzino
T.: +41 91 850 50 50
F.: +41 91 850 50 70

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