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Fordras SA, a Bioseutica Company

Fordras SA, a Bioseutica Company

At Fordras, our mission is to sell natural products aimed at improving people’s health and at enhancing the way foods are processed and preserved.
Fordras is the worldwide distributor/seller of Lysozyme Hydrochloride API of Bioseutica Group.

Fordras, a Swiss Company, has been serving the pharmaceutical and food industries since 1983. Fordras’ international experience in the sales of active pharmaceutical ingredients and food additives makes it one of the leading companies in the development, manufacturing and marketing of specialty, organic products such as Lysozyme. Since 2008 Fordras is part of Bioseutica Group. The Company’s headquarters are located in Lugano, Switzerland. They include commercial offices, Quality Control and a Research and Development center. Manufacturing plants are located in Denmark, Germany and The Netherlands.

Corso Elvezia 4
6900 Lugano
T.: +41 91 972 50 05
F.: +41 91 972 94 11

  • Main activities
    Drug Substance CMO

  • Drug stages
    Phase I - Phase III

  • Therapeutic areas

  • Markets
    EU Top 5
    Rest of Europe
    USA and Canada