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Micro-Sphere SA

Micro-Sphere SA

Micro-Sphere is located in southern Switzerland. Through practical experience gained over the past decade, Micro-Sphere has advanced its know-how in spray drying techniques for almost 100 different active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) used in the pharmaceutical industry today. All operations are carried out in accordance with cGMP standards and in full compliance with the regulatory requirements of the Swiss (Swissmedic), European (EMA) and United States (US-FDA) health authorities.
Micro-Sphere also has extensive demonstrated expertise in the field of high-potency active pharmaceutical ingredients (HPAIs), particularly with dry powders for inhalation and water-insoluble molecules for nanoemulsion dispersion. However, with its core business being contract manufacturing and development of pharmaceutical products, Micro-Sphere also has development capabilities in cosmetics, nutraceuticals and natural products, as well as medical devices.
Lacto-Sphere® is Micro-Sphere’s proprietary Lactose based on the raw material lactose monohydrate of US origin, thus BSE/TSE free. Lacto-Sphere is developed specifically for respiratory formulations and is produced in two variations: Lacto-Sphere MM3 (average particle size 3 μm) and Lacto-Sphere MM50 (average particle size 50 μm).

Via Cantonale 77
6998 Tresa
T.: +41 91 986 70 70
F.: +41 91 986 70 71

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