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BAK publication “The Importance of the Pharmaceutical Industry for Switzerland”

The pharmaceutical industry is the flagship of Switzerland as a workplace. In connection with the production, research and development of pharmaceutical products in 2020, around 61.4 billion Swiss francs of value added was created along the entire value chain, in fact, one of every eleven Swiss francs earned in Switzerland was generated this way. Numerous businesses in other economic sectors benefit from the success of pharmaceutical companies. Some 40 per cent of all value added is generated in companies outside the pharmaceutical industry. The pharmaceutical industry’s innovative strength has made it extremely competitive internationally and allowed it to expand greatly over the past decade. As a driving force of the Swiss economy, the sector was responsible for more than a third of the country’s GDP growth between 2010 and 2020. It was even able to boost real economic output and create new jobs during the pandemic year of 2020. Including indirect effects, some 206,000 jobs were linked to activities in the pharmaceutical industry in 2020.

Download the study: https://www.bak-economics.com/en/publication/news/the-importance-of-the-pharmaceutical-industry-for-switzerland-3