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Augusto Mitidieri – Most Influential CEO Europe 2019 for Humancentric Driven Innovation

Augusto Mitidieri, CEO of our associated company Sintetica, has received an important new international award that adds further value to the company’s entire Corporate.

An internationally recognised, concrete example of scientific innovation and innovative corporate philosophy. The path undertaken by Sintetica (the oldest pharmaceutical company in Ticino), guided by its CEO Augusto Mitidieri, is not only littered with success on the global markets but is also making a name for itself with its innovative strength and ability. It is no coincidence that “Leadership by Innovation” is one of its distinguishing features.

Recently a new award, presented by CV Magazine to Augusto Mitidieri as the “Most Influential CEO Europe 2019 for Humancentric Driven Innovation”, has further confirmed the high quality of this story of courage and success.

In the interview conducted by the magazine (www.cv-magazine.com/2019-humancentric-driven-innovation), Sintetica’s CEO focuses on some of the cornerstones of this revolution in growth and development methods, of course, but also on the development of a different kind of corporate philosophy.

This award is a source of great satisfaction for this modern company, specialised in the production of top quality drugs for pain management and local anaesthesia.