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Wound care: Nexodyn® AOS comes to fruition in Slovakia

Balerna (Switzerland)- 11th December 2018. Nexodyn® AcidOxidizing Solution (AOS), the Tehclo-based product for acute and chronic wound management, is now available in Slovakia, promoted and commercialized by the pharmaceutical companies Evopharm and Sanomed, pursuant to an exclusive partnership with the Swiss pharma company APR Applied Pharma Research s.a. (“APR”).

After Slovakia, in early 2019 Evopharm will expand the distribution of the product first to Poland, where the registration is currently being completed, and then to Czech Republic.

As confirmed by the results of pre-launch activities, Evopharm is confident that Nexodyn® AOS, based on APR’s proprietary and patented technology Tehclo®, can offer to Slovak Healthcare Professionals (“HCPs”) and caregivers a new treatment option to effectively address the wound healing complexity.

Local KOLs, involved in an Advisory Board, got particularly impressed from the distinctive physico-chemical properties of this product, able to create the ideal microenvironment to sustain the physiological healing process of wounds; clinical evidences have shown Nexodyn® AOS  to promote the restart of wound healing, which is considered of great value.

Another benefit of Nexodyn® AOS in interviewed HCPs’ eyes is the local ancillary antimicrobial effect on the wound surface, due to the highly pure and stabilized hypochlorous acid, which can help prevent contamination or contribute to counteract local infections.

“We are very proud about our collaboration with APR and to have the chance to provide Slovak HCPs’ dealing with acute and chronic wounds of such a powerful product. We believe that Nexodyn® AOS, being the first wound cleanser on the Slovak market containing hypochlorous acid, could really make a difference in the treatment of diabetic foot ulcers, lower leg ulcers and pressure ulcers.” commented Martin Hustaty, CEO of Evopharm together with Aneta Manova, CEO of Sanomed.

Sanomed will support the distribution and the promotion of Nexodyn® AOS with a consistent range of activities addressing the HCPs at different levels, from KOLs to hospitals, as well as pharmacists and nurses, like congresses, training courses and e-mailing campaigns,  with the purpose of establishing Nexodyn® AOS as the first wound cleanser restarting the physiological healing process of wounds.

”We are very pleased to see Nexodyn® AOS available on Slovak market. This launch comes after previous marketing of the product in Italy, US, Saudi Arabia and UAE, as a result of several partnerships with leading pharmaceutical companies.” said Paolo Galfetti, Chief Executive Officer of APR. “Other markets will follow in the next year confirming Nexodyn® AOS appeal and efficacy among the available wound care solutions”. 

About Nexodyn® AcidOxidizing Solution (AOS)

Nexodyn® AcidOxidizing Solution (AOS) is a sprayable Active Cleanser with an ancillary antimicrobial activity developed for acute and chronic wound management.

A wide array of clinical experiences and studies demonstrated Nexodyn® to be a unique Wound healing Restarter by creating the ideal microenvironment to sustain the physiological healing process. Restarting wound healing, favoring an optimized lesion closure and ensuring a favorable safety and tolerability profile, is especially relevant with chronic wounds.

Developed based on APR’s proprietary and patented technology Tehclo®, the product is a newly conceived solution with three main features: highly pure and stabilized hypochlorous acid (HClO >95% of free chlorine species), acidic pH (2.5 – 3.0) and high Reduction-Oxidation Potential (ORP >1.000 mV).

Nexodyn® AcidOxidizing Solution (AOS) is intended for use in the debridement, irrigation, cleansing and moistening of acute and chronic wounds (e.g. diabetic foot ulcers, pressure ulcers, and vascular ulcers), post-surgical wounds, burns and other lesions.

As observed in non-clinical experiments and clinical experiences, Nexodyn® AcidOxidizing Solution (AOS) has synergic physico-chemical properties sustaining the restart of wound healing to the benefit of patients and HCPs who can be confident of the reactivation of the physiological healing process concomitantly to protection and management of uncontrolled microbial growth.  Nexodyn® AcidOxidizing Solution (AOS) shows favorable safety and tolerability profile and the clinical experiences performed confirm its high relief sensation and comfort at application as well as wound-associated pain reduction.

For more info, please visit: http://www.apr.ch/apr-pharma-products/medical-prescription/nexodyn-wound-healing/ 

About APR Applied Pharma Research s.a.

APR is a Swiss independent pharma company focused on development and commercialization of innovative, science-driven products designed to address unmet needs in niche or rare therapeutic areas on a global basis.

APR combines drug development expertise with proprietary drug delivery technologies to deliver to patients suffering from rare diseases with solutions meaningfully improving their life and empowering caregivers with better ways to manage such rare diseases.

APR has a balanced portfolio of revenue generating products marketed in all major markets, combined with a compelling pipeline of innovative products at different stages of development, specifically in the treatment of rare recessive metabolic disorders, rare dermatological and ocular diseases.

APR’s products are commercialized by APR directly through its own sale and marketing teams in selected countries of Europe as well as through a solid global network of commercial partners. 

About  Evopharm and/or Sanomed

Since 2010 Evopharm brings a high quality, safe and affordable medicines to the market. Our mission is to provide effective solutions for our patients and help them to live a full and happy life. Our commitment to deliver a high quality and professional service is characterized by the status of a rapidly evolving institution. Complex care management in the field of medicines is realized in Central and Eastern Europe and in selected Asian countries. We naturally pay an attention to the ethical, social and environmental dimensions in our every action and decision.

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