The Administrative Body

The General Assembly

The General Assembly has the following competences:

  • appoints the members of the Committee
  • appoints the Chairman of the Board on a proposal of the Committee
  • appoints the Auditor’s Office
  • approves the annual accounts of the Association and the audit report, giving discharge to the social bodies
  • Determines the membership fees
  • deliberation on resolutions and measures of general interest proposed by the Committee or by single members
  • deliberation on the dissolution of the Association.

The Committee

The Committee is appointed by the General Assembly and consists of 5 to 9 members. They remain in office for three years and are eligible for re-election.
The Committee is constituted by appointing a Vice-President and a Director.
Members leaving the committee during the three-year term are replaced by the General Assembly for the remaining period.

The Committee for the three-year period 2019-2022 is composed as follows:

  • Luca Bolzani (Sintetica SA), Vice-Chairman of the Board FIT
  • Fabio Bernardi (IBSA Institut Biochimique SA)
  • Giorgio Calderari (Helsinn Healthcare SA), Chairman of the Board FIT
  • Fabrizio Camponovo (Soho Flordis International Switzerland SA)
  • Piero Poli (Rivopharm SA)
  • Giampiero Roncoroni (Zambon Svizzera SA)
  • Anton van Troostenburg (Cerbios-Pharma SA)
  • Daniela Bührig (Vice-Director AITI), Executive Director FIT

The Chairman of the Board

The Chairman is appointed by the General Assembly on a proposal of the Committee for a period of three years and may be re-elected. He must be the owner or senior manager of a company associated with FIT, whose management he is mainly responsible for.
He is appointed taking into account the personal characteristics and image of the company he manages.
 He shall propose to the Committee the appointment of a Vice-Chairman.
The Chairman presides over the General Assembly and the Committee.

The Auditor’s Office

The Auditor’s Office consists of two auditors and two deputies, appointed by the General Assembly for three years and freely re-electable.
It audits the Association’s accounts and delivers a written report to the General Assembly.